Saturday, February 18, 2017


It's been a while since I posted here. As standalone blogs have become quaint and limited to those with a large platform, this one has become largely unnecessary for me to maintain on a regular basis. I haven't give up yet, but I don't relish coming here anymore.

Despite my reservations about its being a platform for younger people, I've been using Tumblr as my online home. It's actually pretty good for fandoms and the kind of casually blogging I started with before everyone was required to take a political stand on everything. Yes, it has a history of that, too, but it's unavoidable, mostly, if you know who to follow. The bad part is, of course, how quickly a post can go viral, so I feel as though I have to be extra-careful there. Not because I'm so afraid of being hurt (one of the benefits of getting old is developing a pretty thick skin), but because I'd rather not strangers have feelings all over me or be tethered to an online fight. I do miss the contrarian bullshit I did here, however tamely.