Friday, April 23, 2010


First of, I am loving Tiger Beatdown's LADYPALOOZA series (here, here, here and here). If you are woman in a band, or a woman who's a fan of music and tired of feeling marginalized, you need to read this series.

Mamatulip from Culture Brats writes about interviewing rapper Guru, who died earlier this week.

Alyx Vesey from Bitch writes about Glee's Madonna-themed episode.

Also courtesy of Bitch, the third installment of Feminist Rapper, This is What a Feminist Looks Like.

Side Pontyail's excellent "My Thoughts on Riot Grrrl"

From Flux-Rad: Managers in radio: It's still a boys' club

I need to add that in the past couple weeks, I've found a wealth of women bloggers writing about not just music, but how women relate to it, and how women are disenfranchised by the whole boys' club mentality of fandom and music journalism. When I wrote for another website just a few short years ago, it was so difficult finding examples of women sharing their experiences as songwriters, musicians, and fans, and I sincerely thank you.

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