Friday, April 30, 2010

Links & Bits for 4/30/10

I'm thinking about expanding Friday's links to include non-music topics. This week, at least:

First off, Saturday is Blogging Against Disablism Day. All the info courtesy of FWD/Forward.

NPR's First Listen is streaming The New Pornographers' latest album, Together. It hit stores this Tuesday.

All right, a roundup of links concerning M.I.A.'s controversial new video that was pulled from YouTube earlier this week: Jessica Hopper, Bitch, Autostraddle, and Jezebel.

Rich from fourfour has a wonderful write-up on the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race on NewNowNext. (I am so in love with this show). The best quote came from Ru herself:

“What it means for them to accept me fully would be rebuilding their identity. To accept my existence as something real and viable would mean the foundation they’ve built their house on is a hoax. It’s faulty. More than the gay thing, it’s a drag thing. People don’t accept drag queens because drag queens are saying, ‘Your identity is a hoax because it can be manufactured. It’s not really real.’ And the ego knows it, and the ego fights it. I can’t tell you how many famous people I’ve admired who are smart, evolved, but when they get around me or drag, you can see them backing up. It’s the ego saying, ‘Don’t go over there. Don’t trust that.’ Other people’s ego won’t allow my charm or my intelligence to override the fact that I am an identity buster. And by accepting me, I would be busting their identity.”

Have a great weekend!

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