Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lost and Found (Song): Freakwater - Cloak Of Frogs

I hate turning this into some sort of nostalgia blog. Not that there's anything wrong with the occasional misty-eyed memory trip, but I always wanted this blog to be more than that. (There are quite a few great nostalgia blogs -- I just listed one below -- but I don't have the research skills to pull that off.) Between the current fascination with 90s "angry women rockers," and its backlash, I'm feel like I'm damed if I do, damned if I don't. So I have to ask the question, "How the hell is my generation supposed to age gracefully?" When you're part of a "scene," no matter how marginally, and that scene is intrinsically tied to youth, what happens once you realize, "Hey, I'm the old gal in the back of the room?" Leave the room? Or own it? For now, I'm owning it.

Besides, there are a lot of bands that aren't quite old enough for nostalgia, but narrowly missed the Facebook/MySpace/YouTube explosion. I can think of so many artists who would have benefitted from a little grassroots exposure that went beyond college radio and a short review in Spin. Freakwater's End Time was one of those late-90s records that didn't really fit in anywhere in a changing musical climate. I was lucky to live in a city with one really good community radio station, and one really good college radio station.

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