Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Album of the Week: Macy Gray - The Sellout

Macy Gray will forever be known for her hit, "I Try," released more than a decade ago. Unfair, since she doesn't exactly fit the "one-hit wonder" stereotype at all. The Sellout is her first album since 2007's comeback, Big. Of the new album, she says:

"I had got to a place in my career where I tried everything that was asked of me and in doing so I lost sight of who Macy Gray really is. I spent over a year making this album without any pressure or opinions and being able to choose the co-writers, producers and artists that felt good to me. As a result, it really reflects my true identity. I feel like I have finally made the album I was capable of and that my fans wanted. These are some of my favorite songs that I've written."

I really like what I've heard of The Sellout so far (the first single, "Beauty in the World," begs to be sung at top volume in the shower), but the reviews have been decidedly mixed:

"Easy as it is to root for the freaky underdog in any endeavor, Gray doesn’t sound especially engaged here." (Av Club)

"These tunes are ripe with the kind of raw power that comes with survival, maturity, and lasting power." (Venuszine)

"The real problem with The Sellout is that it, in fact, wants to be a sellout but isn’t a very good one. These blatant attempts to cash on famous names are weakest tracks here." (PopMatters)

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