Friday, June 25, 2010

Links & Bits for 6/25/10

Miley Cyrus' subtle race-baiting (Feministing)
"Appearing in angelic pure white, Cyrus writhed around a tribe of the strangest bunch of face-painted dancers since that aboriginal ice-dancing routine at the Olympics. There were bare feet. Torches. And lots of savage hair flipping."

Adventures in Feministory: Ms. Mary Wilson, Supreme Lady (Bitch Blogs)
"Mary Wilson was born in 1944 in Greenville, Mississippi. She later moved to the Detroit Brewster Projects where at the age of 13 she met Florence Ballard and Diane Ross, the girls with whom she would become the greatest girl group of all time–The Supremes."

Back From Suffragette City (Feministe)
"David Bowie made me a feminist, you see. Well, not entirely. Lots of other things did, too. And certainly Bowie had little to do with that ever-present subject of argument, when I decided to call myself a feminist.'"

Why don't women buy at Best Buy? (Broadsheet)
"At the largest electronics retailer in the United States, holding what the company estimates as 22 percent of its market share, only 16 percent of its sales are to women and a mere 31 percent of store workers are women, according to the Wall Street Journal."

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