Friday, July 2, 2010

Links & Bits for 7/2/10

"Feminists, we're calling you" to watch Itty Bitty Titty Committee (I Fry Mine In Butter)
"Much of the criticism I heard about the movie was that it seemed to be making fun of the third wave feminist politics riot grrrl helped develop, which it intended to champion. Indeed, the movie is inconsistent in its tone. Sometimes, the use of grainy stock footage of members committing politically motivated crimes like vandalism seem to suggest the historical significance of their work."

Dirty Girls and Bad Feminists: A Few Thoughts on "I Love Dick" (Tiger Beatdown)
"There’s a moment in almost any bad memoir where you start to get the sense that the author is telling you more than he or she actually wants you to know; a moment where the author’s persona, carefully crafted to be winning or fun or poignant or survivorly and magnificently victimized, starts to slip, and you get the sense of a different person trying to speak."

Lady Gaga May Not Have a Penis, But She Makes An Attractive Man (Jezebel)
"Is Lady Gaga getting her butch on modeling for Vogue Hommes Japan under the pseudonym 'Jo Calderone'?"

My Pride (fourfour)
"...what I did do on Sunday was watch the entire episode of The Joan Rivers Show devoted to Paris Is Burning that some wonderful people have uploaded to YouTube. Dorian Corey, Pepper LaBeija, Willi Ninja and Freddie Pendavis (whose name Joan pronounces like "Pen-dovah," much to Freddie's amusement) and PIB director Jennie Livingston all sit on Joan's coach (and in millions of living rooms when this aired in 1991) and talk about being gay and drag balls and slang (Joan is legitimately perplexed by the term "24/7!")."

Tortured By My Music (A Feminist Speaks)
"It took me a long time to see the harmful role that women have been placed in as objects of men's lust and as the disposable, weaker sex. I could no longer listen to this trash that degraded me and told me I was shit. I put aside my sexist music and listened to women's voices."

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