Friday, July 23, 2010

Links & Bits for 7/23/10

Chrissie Hynde at Almost 60: No Pretending (MS Magazine Blog)
"A 50-something rock n’ roller with a 20-something girlfriend hanging off his arm: You know the scene, it’s as old as Keith Richards. But what if we invert it? How about a 50-something rock n’ roller with a 20-something boyfriend hanging off her arm? Cue Chrissie Hynde. In her first full album without the Pretenders, the band she’s fronted for the last 32 years, Hynde has partnered with Welsh singer and songwriter JP Jones for Fidelity!"

The life and work of Sandy Denny (The Guardian)
"Intimate portraits of the influential folk singer, including some previously unseen images."

Is It Wicked Not To Care (Paste)
"I think every adult I know who cares about music has a memory like this about their earliest musical preferences, and no matter how much nostalgic affection they retain for the music they once loved so dearly, most now recognize their teenaged taste almost as that of another person—at best endearing, at worst embarrassing."

The populist narcissist (fourfour)
"You have to see the faultiness of Lady Gaga's rhetoric to believe it. Sure, I knew about it in theory, but the extent of her philosophical ridiculousness was never more clear to me than on Friday night at New York's Madison Square Garden when she ordered a sold out-crowd to, "Jump for your freedom! Jump for your soul! And be who you want, goddamn it!" At that point, I was torn because who I wanted to be was a person who wasn't jumping."

Why I Could Give Two Hot Fucks About the Loss of Daria (Snarky's Machine)
"While I enjoyed Daria – because it was funny, only engaging in low level -ism fail – I didn’t understand what the hell Daria was whining about half the time. High school definitely sucks, but I bet it sucked a lot more for Juin Baize who was bounced out of the same high school as Constance McMillan. The way high school sucks definitely depends on where one finds themselves in relation to the kyriarchy."

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