Sunday, August 15, 2010

C-C-Cherry Bomb

Since it's been kind of a slow day, I made a new radio station inspired by the music of Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, Pat Benatar, and Blondie. So far it's playing a lot of Donnas.

I was a little too young for the 80s "tough girl" bands, and probably too old for 90s riot grrrls. A lot of what I write about here I discovered several years too late, or with riot grrrl, it had become kind of a parody of itself. I wish I could say this gives me a unique perspective, but being a teenager whose options were limited to synthpop or hair metal, I usually chose the latter. I certainly didn't see myself in the music I listened to and I didn't have older siblings to hip me to new music. When I think of Joan Jett and Suzi Quatro, I think of my neighbor's granddaughter and my first "cool" babysitter. She had the same haircut and the swagger. Unfortunately, her record collection was as lacking as mine.

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