Monday, October 29, 2012

Roseanne's Transphobic Twitter Fight

Twitter may not be quite the downfall of humanity, but it's doing a good job of exposing the hidden bigotry of its most popular users. Roseanne Barr (who is running for president), angered the trans community after one of her followers tweeted that Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, "“is also in favour of letting men into spaces where little girls get changed." [the women's bathroom] Barr replied, "if she has a penis she is not allowed in." The full exchange can be viewed here.

Sigh. Cis people (and I am among you), just stop this right now. The bathroom argument also hearkens back to an outdated version of feminism  that excludes trans women on the principle that they were not "real" women, therefore didn't have a place in the movement. And unfortunately, that attitude still hasn't entirely died out.

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  1. That's incredibly disappointing.

    I wonder, if someone actually did the research, just how many sexual assaults have been committed by men pretending to be trans women in order to sneak into public bathrooms?

    I'm willing to put money on that number being absolutely miniscule, if there are any cases to be found at all. People need to get over their transphobia.