Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bruce Jenner and the media

Kevin Fallon of The Daily Beast has a thoughtful piece on the media's reporting of Bruce Jenner's not-yet-confirmed transition.
The trans movement has a face that could take it more mainstream than ever—and it is the face of a Kardashian. Not only that, it is a face that we have cruelly belittled and joked about for over a decade now. A movement that has already struggled to be covered with nuance and care in the more legit corners of the mediasphere is now heading to the tabloids.
He goes on to say "the obtuseness and ignorance that much of the American public has toward gender identity and what it means to be trans has already and will continue to infiltrate media conversations about Jenner." Maybe I'm being unnecessarily optimistic, but I already see a change. US magazine's respectful coverage in the wake of InTouch's distasteful photoshopped cover.

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