Thursday, March 5, 2015

Earworm of the Day: The Screamers - Vertigo

The Screamers were another early punk band that kind of got lost to history. The only album of theirs that exists, I think, is a collection of singles, and even that is hard to find. There's nothing on Amazon available for downloading, sadly.
The Screamers' founders Tomata du Plenty (born David Xavier Harrigan) and Tommy Gear first collaborated in Seattle in 1975, where they formed The Tupperwares. The original lineup of the Tupperwares included Tommy Gear (at the time, using the name "Melba Toast"), Tomata du Plenty, and Rio de Janeiro on vocals, backed by Pam Lillig and Ben witz (later of Girls), as well as Bill Rieflin (later of The Blackouts and Ministry) and a teenage Eldon Hoke (later known as "El Duce" of The Mentors). [...] The Screamers created a visual presence in the press before they ever played live. Studio photos of the band began to appear in magazines even before a full band had been assembled. Artist Gary Panter's logo for the band, a stylized cartoon of a screaming head with spiked hair, became one of the most recognizable images to emerge from punk rock. -- Wikipedia

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