Saturday, March 5, 2016


  • I'm pretty "meh" about April's camp NaNo, but I have a few ideas scribble down. Mostly, I use camps as writing practice and as a way to be as offensive as I want, since no one's going to read them anyway. My inspiration is heavily Philip Roth, with a little of David Foster Wallace's short story "The Suffering Channel" thrown in for good measure. It sounds more literary that way.
  • I wonder how biologically female people who identity as genderqueer or agender, but are still seen in society as female ('cause let's face it: unless you live in an academic bubble, life isn't a gender studies class), react to sexism. If sexism is something unique to women, but you aren't a woman, do you still experience it? Is it something written off as a mistake? This sounds sarcastic, and maybe it is, but I only "identify" as a woman in relation to sexism. Unless it's pointed out to me, I don't "feel" like a woman either, but gender isn't a feeling. I don't claim a non-binary gender either, though I suppose I could and no one would question it, but it feels intellectually dishonest to do so. And I hate that I have to add it feels intellectually dishonest for me. I don't care what other people do, but it's ridiculous that even asking questions is taboo. 
  • I just read something that validates why I don't join writing groups on Facebook. Writers shouldn't concern themselves with social justice. Or rather, writers shouldn't singularly concern themselves with social justice to the point that they're slotting their characters along axes of power rather than developing them into dimensional people.
  • That and it's hard to find an online writing group if you're not a genre writer. I have nothing against genre, it's just not my bag. If this makes me an elitist, so be it.
  • This is what I picture every time I see Ted Cruz's face.