Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lucinda Williams Pays Tribute to the Late Vic Chesnutt

On the one year anniversary of his death, Spinner announced that Lucinda Williams's forth coming album, Blessed, will feature a track called "Seeing Black," written for the late singer-songwriter, Vic Chesnutt:
As [the title] suggest, Chesnutt, who was confined to a wheelchair after a car crash at age 18, struggled with more than his share of bleak thoughts. One of his last recordings, his contribution to the Dangermouse-Sparklehorse collaboration, 'Dark Night of the Soul,' was aptly titled 'Grim Augury.' Chesnutt died on Christmas Day 2009 after falling into a coma from an overdose of prescription drugs.
.Here's the track list for the March 1st release, via to

1. Buttercup
2. I Don't Know How You're Livin'
3. Copenhagen
4. Born To Be Loved
5. Seeing Black
6. Soldier's Song
7. Blessed
8. Sweet Love
9. Ugly Truth
10. Convince Me
11. Awakening
12. Kiss Like Your Kiss

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