Friday, February 10, 2012

Links & Bits 2/10/12 (The "Why are we still making 101-level mistakes?" edition)

Feministe put together a list of links about asexuality for their (mostly) sex-positive community. The links were great and informative, the discussion that followed was just disappointing. A handful of people I've come to respect, and whose contributions keep me reading Feministe, sort of missed the point and ultimately derailed the comment thread, either asking 101-level questions, or by making it about them.

(TW for rape, graphic images) And boo to Jezebel for posting this story (and its images)  without an initial trigger warning. It's been corrected and further pixelated, but really, what what were they thinking?

I'm not pointing these things out to shame either site, but because I've come to expect -- or would like to expect -- more. Even with Jezebel, who has a long-standing history of race and class fail. Although it isn't an explicitly feminist site, and doesn't advertise as such,  it's been number of women's gateway to feminism and responsibility comes with that.

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