Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why I applaud Bitch's decision not to run its interview with Caitlin Moran

Kudos to Bitch's editor-in-chief, Kjerstin Johnson, for pulling its interview  with feminist/writer/lighting rod, Caitlin Moran.

Earlier, Moran interviewed Girls creator, Lena Dunham, prompting a Twitter follower to ask if she was going to question Dunham about the show's lack of non-white characters. Moran's now-infamous reply? "I literally couldn't give a shit about that." (Here's how I feel about that.)

The Bitch interview found a new home at  where Moran attempted to explain herself, though she remains unapologetic:
"I broke my own first rule: Be Polite. But I was frankly offended that this woman thought me and Lena Dunham were somehow conspiring in some undefined racist plot... I'm not going to wank on about the ethnic mix of my friends and, indeed, family, but I found that first tweet presumptuous, rude, and about the worst thing you could accuse anyone of."
According to Johnson, the reason for killing the interview goes beyond the tweet. She also cites , "jokes about devastating wars in non-Western countries, flippant use of the word ‘tranny,' burlesque is cool/burqas are bad - and confirmed a nonintersectional feminism... I don't want to support."

Good for Johnson, and good for Bitch for not just preaching intersectionality, but actively doing something about it. Maybe it seems like a small act, but all too often popular feminist blogs talk about feminism's history of exclusivity, being inhospitable to women of color, poor women of all races, disabled women, trans women, and basically anyone who doesn't fit its white, cis, middle-class template, without actually making much of an effort to change that. This isn't about punishing Moran for being an "imperfect feminist," it's doing what feminism should have been doing all along.

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