Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Earworm of the Day: Love and Rockets - "All In My Mind"

I stumbled into an 80s vortex. Though I post enough videos on here to satisfy many an "I love the 80s" fan, I'm generally not the kind of person to wade through hours of videos on youtube.

I wasn't an inveterate MTV watcher as a kid, either. Full disclosure: a lot of the songs I post here I didn't even know had videos. People like to wax poetic about MTV's glory days (do they still, or have we fully raised two generations now who only know MTV for The Real World and Teen Mom?), but most of what they played was crap no different from the crap that was on the radio; it was just crap with picture. Anyway, every once in a while, in my nascent music dork brain, something would catch my attention and I'd think "yes, this is the music I'm supposed to be listening to." I'm not proud of most of it (Fine Young Cannibals anyone?), but it sort of functioned as the cooler older sibling I never had.

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