Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Feminism theory test that's actually not terrible

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Postmodern WoC Feminism

Like Liberal feminism, Postmodern feminism puts a great deal of emphasis on personal choice because it toys with the ideas of all dichotomies, including that of right and wrong, meaning that to Postmodernists there is "no wrong way to be a feminist". The end goal is ambiguous or sometimes nonexistent, and is very much dependent on the individual and their empowerment.
WoC feminism seeks to address issues of race often overlooked by Western feminist theories, advocating for accurate representation of women in "third-world" countries, looking at the different and sometimes opposite forms of oppression women of colour face specifically as women of colour, and critiquing feminist theories or practises that fail to account for these differences in race, class, ethnicity, etc.
Some things these theories have in common are:
  • Western concepts, especially western science, carries a bad weight and is often used wrongly to prove the inferiority of PoC
  • Dichotimous thinking becomes especially narrow and limiting when framing "othered" groups, making them uniformly oppressed as a group and takes away their individuality
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The SelectSmart test is still better (my score was a tie between individualist feminist and anarchist feminist, two underrepresented schools of feminism I do find appealing), but for a HelloQuizzy test, this one at least goes beyond the usual yes or no questions. I don't know if I agree with the results, though. I'm fairly critical of postmodernism, and while I like and respect a lot of womanists, it would be inappropriate to claim the label for myself, not a WOC.