Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Album of the Week: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - Medicine County

Singer-songwriter, garage rocker Holly Golightly and her longtime bandmate Lawyer Dave have been recording as the duo Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs for past few years and have released their third album, Medicine County. If you're familiar with Holly's career, there's a lot to love about the new album which follows the same rockabilly-slash-garage pattern as her later albums have. It's fun and a little campy without being too self-conscious. The reviews have been decidedly mixed, but Venuszine says:

"Medicine County pairs Golightly with her partner-in-crime, Lawyer Dave, and draws from blues, swamp rock, country, and bluegrass, while succeeding in cultivating those influences into a cohesive whole."

Amazon's editors have already named it one of the Best Albums of 2010... so far.

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