Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dispatches From Record Store Day

Just a few random observations from a patron of an actual brick-and-mortar record store:

* Wow. Captain Obvious moment, but people really aren't buying cds anymore. Not only are people not buying cds, they're not selling them either. Digging through the used cd bins is like time-traveling to the late 90s. Better Than Ezra? Semisonic?

* I saw two teenage girls buying loads of old cassettes. As someone who spent the younger years of her childhood in the 80s, this makes me very happy. Even then cassettes were considered a disposable medium, but for me they always held a certain charm.

* When did trend of skinny jeans, but with a saggy crotch, start? And when can it go away?

* Despite the crowds, everyone was cordial. No pushing or jamming or elbowing.

* You know what's fantastically underrated? Samplers -- those cds that come with a magazine or a label promo. I spent the better part of a weekend recently, culling through a bunch of Paste and Uncut samplers. I found a bunch of them cheap, too. I didn't know there was a market, aside from the ones that have rare or exclusive tracks.

Completely off-topic, but I don't feel like starting a separate post for this. I, erm, embarked on a little writing project: The Music That Made Me. (Or something like that. I might changed the title. I hate feeling like Frankenstein's Monster to Slanted and Enchanted.) Here's the rub: I listen to lots of menfolk; therefore, I'm posting these to my Tumblr blog instead of this one. Since I started this blog to promote women in music, it would be a little disingenuous to post them here. And I don't want to have to feel obligated to include records made by women; it would just come off forced. I'll have some kind of permalink in a couple days, though.

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