Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey Ms. DeeJay

As you probably can tell, I don't have a post planned for toady; however, I created a couple more stations at Pandora: grrrl powered and ramalama radio (yes, I know those are terrible names, but the music's good).

For those of you not familiar with how Pandora works, you start with an artist or song "seed," and Pandora finds music shares some of the same qualities as that artist or song. It's all laid out right here.

The first one is exactly what it sounds like: 90s riot grrrl. Yeah, so it's a bit of a cliche and over-blogged as of late, but I missed out on a lot of that music and have been playing catch-up. The ramalama one is a little more disjointed and eclectic: sort of a mix of electronic, experimental, and hip-hop. Enjoy.

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