Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nobody's Daughter

I already wrote my "very special" Courtney Love post months ago, but with her latest album Nobody's Daughter hitting store shelves today, I sort of couldn't ignore it.

Here's the thing: I like the idea of Courtney Love more than I like her music. I'm glad that she was there, warts and all, when I was in my early twenties, giving me an example of a smart, creative woman unafraid to call herself a feminist. In fact, in the March 8th issue of Rolling Stone, she says of the new album she says, "This record is about greed, vengeance and feminism." I am with her on all three. She just hasn't made too many appearances on my iPod lately. Side Ponytail wrote a really good review of Nobody's Daughter, better than anything I can muster in my migrainous state. Of the final song, "Never Go Hungry," she says:

"What I'm really into is the last song on this album. "Never Go Hungry." It's just Courtney and an acoustic guitar and it strikes me as being open and vulnerable but tough too in that way that people are always, always admiring Paul Westerberg for being. I think that Courtney really nails it on this song -- it's such a good closer & I feel a little dopey about liking it because it doesn't seem "sophisticated," but who cares? Since when does song writing have to be sophisticated anyway?"

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