Friday, May 7, 2010

Links & Bits for 5/7/10

The pop version:

From Feministing: Janelle Monae's hot gender-bending Tightrope video
I'm writing a longer post about women, androgyny and pop music, so forgive me if my links get a little repetitious. The video aside from any of the politics ascribed to it, is one of the coolest videos to come out this year (so far). Watch.

A Contrarian View of Lady Gaga from Racialicious
One of the better analyses of the Lady Gaga phenomenon I've read in a while.

Shut Your Head Gash: A Polite Defense of Women's Music from Tiger Beatdown
Tiger Beatdown's series of music-related posts dealing with how women are seen in the music industry and as fans has been a godsend.

Psychiatric Hospitals and Music Videos: Part One from FWD/Forward
Analysis of music videos that use images of mental illness, specifically psychiatric hospitals.

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