Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lady Gaga Releases New Video; People Have Opinions

So, the latest video from Lady Gaga, "Alejandro" hit the internet this week. I'm always at a loss for anything new or insightful to say about Lady Gaga. I'm far from her target audience -- I'm practically old enough to be her mother -- but I'm kind of junkie for pop culture analysis. Let's deconstruct, shall we?

Who's most offended by Lady Gaga's Alejandro? (The Guardian)
"Opening with militaristic men carrying giant set squares and other technical drawing equipment, the first group to take offence will be the League of Engineering Draftspeople, for suggesting that not only are they on some kind of violent rampage led by a recently unseated parliamentary representative from the Ministry of Silly Walks, but that women are grossly under-represented in their field. Shocking."

Queer Imagery in Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" (Broadsheet)
"Gay men wearing heels is nothing new, of course. But this isn't just about boys in girls' clothes; it's also about exploring feminine movement. One gentleman slinks around on the bed like calendar pinup. The dancers move behind Gaga in a synchronized mass, wave their arms out like tentacles and then draw them back in to do an update of the bend and snap. And there is a great deal of attitude in those snaps (most delightfully, the one to Lady Gaga’s left)."

Guide to Madonna References in Alejandro (Oh No They Didn't)
"Overanalyzers are overanalyzing. Us? We’re just geeking out over the number of Madonna references Gaga managed to pack into the video. Obviously, there’s the sex, the black-and-white cinematography (which ’90s Madge was so fond of), the feminized male dancers."

The Day I Didn't Want To Write About Lady Gaga (Tiger Beatdown)
"Lady Gaga is the Internet. Every time she does something, we all pay attention. But, unlike a video of a farting baby or a fatally injured cat or whatever else it is the Internet is looking at this week, she somewhat rewards our analysis."

And this, which was just one comment in a longer thread on Jezebel, was probably one of the more interesting things I've read on "Alejandro" this week:
"It occurs to me that Gaga is showcasing male-only worlds -- the military, Catholicism, gay men -- that she will always be excluded from, or at least never fully a part of, never fully accepted in, or never fully loved or completed in, just because she is a woman."

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