Friday, July 9, 2010

Links & Bits for 7/9/10

Love the Way You Lie: more part of the problem or the solution? (Feministing)
"In many ways, the song can serve to raise awareness about domestic violence. The title itself evokes an image about a woman in a domestic violent relationship who wants to believe her partner will no longer commit acts of violence against her, because he says he won't. But what is explicit in the title is the notion that although the aggressor says he will reform, it is a lie. This calls upon some of the data available in the domestic violence literature on the high likelihood that a perpetrator of IPV will reoffend. In a 2004 study (see page 2) held in the Bronx misdemeanor domestic violence court, 62 percent of batterers who were arrested for domestic violence were rearrested within 2 years."

B-Sides: Nona Hendryx (Bitch Blogs)
"Hendryx has experimented with all kinds of sounds during her solo career. First, she made a heavy metal album called Nona Hendryx (1977). The album was produced by Epic Records, but was quickly pulled from the shelves and given no air time, as they were unsure of how to market a black rock singer. In a 2001 interview with The Advocate, Nona said, 'Rock and roll is not considered black music. It's been co-opted by the white audience, and it's difficult to reclaim as our own.'"

Wherefore art thou, androgyny (Love is the Slug)
"A crop of artists coming out from the sidelines or up from the underground and grabbing some attention are bearing the torch of androgyny with much style and flair. First up is the dazzlingly talented Janelle Monae, whose blend of hip-hop, r&b, rock and futuristic pop is almost out-shined by her yen for impeccably tailored, mod-eqsue tuxedos and a flawlessly coiffed afro-pompadour."

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