Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lost and Found (Song): Tuscadero - Mt. Pleasant

It's kind of depressing when you see albums from your youth going for a penny at Amazon. Yeah, that's right. One whopping cent. Along with Tuscadero's Pink Album, I found Bash & Pop's Friday Night is Killing Me -- Replacements' bassist Tommy Stinton's first post-mats album -- for the same. I paid $0.50 for my copy. Maybe I should feel cheated?

Despite the rash of Liz Phair-related posts, I'm not much of a 90s nostalgia geek. I know to keep it in its rightful place, probably in that box filled with old copies of CMJ -- when it used to be the perfect size to fold into a back pocket -- somewhere in the basement. But I did spend the better part of my adolescence in the early 90s and most of my twenties in the mid-to-late 90s, so it kind of unavoidable. I like what Jess from Total Trash had to say about The Pink Album:

"The Pink Album was one of the few LPs I brought with me to Wisconsin upon my immediate 18-year-old escape from Indiana/the Region/etc. I ended up at some snooty liberal arts college with a bunch of people from DC, who scoffed at the idea of these “dumb bar girls” and their silly record. Screw you NYU dropouts, I’d mutter, while cheesin along to “Nancy Drew”, your college band sucks and you don’t want to see Apocalypse Hoboken with me anyway."

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