Friday, July 16, 2010

Links & Bits for 7/16/10

Why I'm following NPR's 50 Greatest Voices (Feminist Music Geek)
"The series’ selection process began with listeners offering suggestions. Kristen at Act Your Age elbowed me to submit a list, which I remember included Édith Piaf, Björk, and TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe. From there, a panel pooled together their selections. Between these two resources, a list of nominees was formed, out of which the chosen 50 great voices emerge. Perhaps this process sounds over-involved and potentially off-putting, especially to listeners whose favorites were not chosen. However, at the risk of sound like a shill for NPR, I’ve liked most of the results so far and appreciate what this series is trying to accomplish."

The Relevance of Lilth Fair In 2010 (The Sexist)
"Everything from “is there something a little creepy about women of necessity having a commonality, simply based on gender determinism?” to “Younger women have a tendency to be entirely embarrassed of anything explicitly labeled ‘feminist’ or ‘women only’ . . . that territory [is] just shy of absolute taboo."

The Corin Tucker Band Set to Release Debut EP (Under The Radar)
"After a protracted break from music since Sleater-Kinney's indefinite hiatus announced in 2006, Corin Tucker has at last revealed the details of her highly anticipated new album under the moniker The Corin Tucker Band."

Kate Nash: "Yes, I'm a Feminist" (Jezebel)
"Yes, I'm a feminist. I think everybody should be, because feminism is about equality of the sexes, which we all believe in, don't we?"

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