Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lost and Found (Song): Mary Gauthier - Drag Queens In Limousines

The sound on the video isn't the best, but here's singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier explaining how she came up with one of the coolest song titles ever, "Drag Queens In Limousines." (A clearer version of the song can be heard here.)

And Mary on the whole "tortured artist" myth from an interview with American Songwriter:

"I don’t think all artists are tortured – that’s a myth. I think the human condition involves suffering. I think a lot of artists torture themselves. They, we, generally have a lot of fragility. But fragile and tortured are different. A lot of the tortured artist clich├ęs comes from addiction. A lot of us haven’t dealt with our addiction yet.

But it’s a different time now. Many of us are dealing with it. I certainly have, and I’m open about it. In the songwriting groups I’ve done, there’s always five or six people in recovery. They’re not tortured. They’re joyful. There’s pain, there’s sorrow. But if you look at their faces, they’re not tortured."

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