Monday, August 30, 2010

JD Samson Talks Feminism, Riot Grrrl, Clubbing

Bear with me, this clip is a few years old and pop culture ages in dog years. I saw this on another website a while ago -- whose I can't remember, or I'd credit you -- but there's a little in here on feminism and riot grrrl culture from someone at the forefront of the movement.

After reading Girl Power and noticing a handful of bloggers talking up the albums sparked their awareness, we need more artists talking about feminism. I'm not a huge believer in stealth feminism, but I know for a lot of women, knowing a favorite artists is unafraid of the "F-word" can go a long way. And for women who don't identify as feminist, I'd like to see better representation: someone who fairly criticizes feminism as a movement that hasn't always been, and still isn't, inclusive to all women, not someone who isn't a feminist because she "likes men and lip gloss and stuff."

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