Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rewind: Sally Timms - Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments for Lost Buckaroos

The Mekons have always had a predilection for deconstructing American country music (the British band even recorded a silly cover of Hank Williams's "Lost Highway), but veering to far outside one's comfort zone carries a high risk of failure. Country covers in particular are either too goofy, dealing in too much irony, or they're a little too reverent (boring). Frontwoman Sally Timms straddles the line nicely with her decade-old Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments for Lost Buckaroos. Self-described as "art country," her first full-length album features originals co-written with former band member, Jon Langford, and a number of classics from Johnny Cash and Robbie Fulks. From Pitchfork:

"If genuine country music can be likened to a shot of Jack Daniels with a Jim Beam chaser, then Sally Timms' collection of country-tinged tunes might be like sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea. And I guess by "genuine" country I mean the bastard shit-kickin' Johnny Paycheck and Merle Haggard kinda country. Timms' take on the genre isn't exactly strong, intoxicating medicine for your troubles, but it might do just fine on a lonely winter's eve."

Standout track: Timms's version of Johnny Cash's "Cry Cry Cry"

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