Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rewind 2010 (Part One): The Music That Made Me Dance

As someone now closer to her forties than her twenties, I don't listen to tons of new artists. Anathema, I know, for a music blogger, but unfortunately it's true. The older I get, the less motivate I am to seek out music made by people now almost young enough to be my children. Whether a function of age or barely concealed music snobbery, most pop music eludes me. This year there was quite a lot of fun dance pop, and more nuanced music made by really young artists I probably would have overlooked if it weren't for a cabal of music bloggers and writers keeping me on my toes:

Robyn's Body Talk, The Scissor Sisters' Night Work, and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down's Know Better Learn Faster (which technically came out in late 2009) were all iPod staples that got me moving, but didn't make me feel like a middle-aged woman robbing her daughter's music collection.

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