Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rewind: Bjork - Debut

Writing about Bjork is an exercise in avoiding cliches and those tired old tropes that rock critics like to drag out when describing music made by a woman who has even an inkling of creative genius: whimsy, childlike, elfin, witchy, etc. The truth is Bjork's Debut was released when pop music -- and by pop music I mean music you could actually hear on MTV or commercial radio -- was just getting exciting.

By now everyone should know that I hate waxing poetic over the early 90s, but the truth is there was a small window of opportunity where mainstream outlets like MTV and radio knew there was something out there called "alternative," but no one really knew what it was yet. A lot of videos that probably wouldn't have made it into regular rotation did, and the line between commerce and art blurred a little. It was a good time to be a music fan.

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