Friday, August 20, 2010

Links & Bits for 8/20/10

WHY IS THIS STATE SHAPED LIKE A BELT BUCKLE? Or, Some Thoughts On Country Music (Tiger Beatdown)
"The thing about country songs is that they aren’t just catchy bits of nothing, they are usually stories. Which makes them very hard to ignore and compartmentalize. Songs like George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today” or Jeanne C. Riley’s “Harper Valley PTA” or Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe.” You usually learn the words to a country song gradually, but you know the story immediately. Sometimes those stories are about things that are funny, or sweet, or poignant, or about shitty foreign policy, or a nauseating fetishism of the past, or just terrible things that hurt people."

Women pop music stars need to change the subject (Feministing)
"Our romantic relationships are undoubtedly a part of our lives, but what about the other parts? I need music to run, study and commute to that gets me in the zone for those activities without dragging me into that last or next romantic relationship. The message in music conjures up so many emotions and it would be nice to hear these successful women talk about feelings associated with perseverance, goal attainment and struggle overall. "

Pop culture Alzheimer's, or, Lady Gaga did not invent diddly squat (Love is the Slug)
"I know she is a popularly divisive figure and there’s a lot of folks out there who love to hate her. But my thing is I can’t even generate enough emotion about her to hate her. She gives me a raging pop culture soft-on. I have been impressed with a few of her videos for sure, they can be quite epic and visually stunning. But she’s not directing the videos so I don’t feel I should give her much of the credit. People praise her for writing her own songs and yet they don’t stand out to me as being terribly unique compared to anything else topping the charts, so why is she so deserving of praise for that?"

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